Radio Net

Lamorinda CERT Radio NET

First Wednesday of Every Month at 7:00 p.m. (1900h)

Hey Lamorinda CERTs, let’s get on the air! The first Wednesday of every month we, along with our LARIG (Lamorinda Area Radio Interest Group) friends, will be tuned into the Lamorinda GMRS repeaters. CERTs with repeater capable radios can tune in and listen and/or participate in a quick net. Feel free to tune in at the times below to see if you can reach them. The three Lamorinda repeaters are linked during the NET so that if you reach one, everyone can hear you!

Here are the channels for each town for radios programmed with the LARIG Yellow (or Blue) Codes:
Moraga GMRS Repeater, Channel 121
Orinda GMRS Repeater, Channel 122
Lafayette GMRS Repeater, Channel 123

For those of you with the Motorola GMRS Repeater Capable Radios, please tune into the following:
Moraga FRS Channel 20R, access code 4
Orinda FRS Channel 21R, access code 4
Lafayette FRS Channel 22R, access code 4
If you still need to program your Motorola FRS Repeater Capable Radio follow the directions on the CERT website page under the resources tab or click the link here.

For other HAM and GMRS Radio Operators, here is the frequency info to tune into:
Moraga GMRS Repeater, Channel 121, RX Freq 462.675, Tx Freq 467.675, Narrow, CTCSS 77.0 Hz
Orinda GMRS Repeater, Channel 122, RX Freq 462.7, Tx Freq 467.7, Narrow, CTCSS 77.0 Hz
Lafayette GMRS Repeater, Channel 123, RX Freq 462.725, Tx Freq 467.725, Narrow, CTCSS 77.0 Hz

The Lamorinda CERT GMRS Repeaters are owned and operated by Lamorinda CERT and LARIG. During normal times, the repeaters may be used by the general public, giving priority to Lamorinda CERT Nets and other CERT traffic. During times of emergency, the repeaters are reserved for the exclusive use of Lamorinda CERT and Lamorinda Area Radio Interest Group (LARIG).

The FCC requires a GMRS license, available with no test. You can apply for a GMRS license online at the FCC Universal License System (ULS) web site.