Medical and Backpack Supplies

Lamorinda CERT Foundation purchases items to resell. We have some medical supplies and general CERT backpack items. These items will be available at CERT classes and drills. Bring a credit card and buy whatever we have. We will try to keep everything in stock.

We buy in bulk and sell in quantities that make sense for our team members. We purchase from many manufacturers so that you can have a single source for all of our products. The advertised prices include all freight and sales tax.

Our Medical and Backpack products are currently available only by coming to a meeting, class or drill.
The Product list is: Note, prices are as of January 21, 2019 with current inventory. Many items are going up in price since our replacement costs have risen.

Medical ItemsUnit Price
CERT Medical Kit consisting of:
3 Triangular Bandage
4pr Nitrile Exam Gloves
4 2″ Sterile Gauze Roll Bandage
8 4″x4″ Sterile Sponge Bandage
4 N95 No-valve Masks
1 4″ Israeli Bandage
1 SAM style Splint 4″x36″
1 7.5″ EMT Shears
2 Foil Survival Blanket
4 Bio-hazard Waste Bag
Bandage, Sterile Gauze Sponges – 8 Ply – 4″ X 4″, 2 sponges per package0.15
Bandage, Israeli Medical 4″ – White5.50
Bandage, Israeli Medical 6″ – White6.25
Bandage, Conform Stretch Gauze Roll, Sterile 2 Inches X 5 Yards0.50
Bandage, Triangular 40x40x560.75
Bag, Biohazard Waste Disposable, 7-10 gallon, 24 L x 24 W0.50
Blanket, Yellow Disposable Roadside3.00
Blanket, Foil Survival1.00
Chest Seal – Hyfin Vented Twin Pack15.00
CPR Keyring Barrier4.00
Gauze – NAR S-Rolled 4.5″ x 4.1 yd5.75
N95 Particulate Respirators0.75
N95 Particulate Respirators w/valve (glasses)2.50
Shears, EMT  Economy2.00
Splint, Cardboard Foam 9×121.50
Splint, Cardboard Foam 9×181.75
Splint, Universal Aluminum, 36 Inch Rolled (SAM type Splint)9.25
Tourniquet, Stretch-Wrap-And Tuck 14.50
Tourniquet, Windlass style11.25
Triage Tape Kit15.00
Backpack ItemsUnit Price
CERT Backpack – 16″ – 3 Compartments21.00
Chin Strap for Helmet2.50
Goggles, Perforated Antifog4.00
CERT Vest – universal size15.50
CERT Vest – sized16.00
CERT Field Operations Guide (FOG)    Front   Back0.75
CERT Ball Cap – Embroidered21.00
CERT Ball Cap – Screen Printed11.00
Whistle, Plastic0.75
Whistle, Metal Keyring1.50
Gas and Water Shutoff Tool15.00
Seatbelt Cutter/Glass Breaker  Video1 Video25.00
Evacsak Pet Evacuation Carrier50.00
Litter, Fabric Disposable 500# capacity22.00
Litter, XL Fabric Disposable 1000# capacity33.00
Communications ItemsUnit Price
Radio – Baofeng UV-82HP – programmed MURS, FRS, GMRS, HAM60.00
AAA Battery Pack for UV-82HP15.00
Law Enforcement style earpiece for UV-82HP15.00