Class Errata and Extras

Please note that Lamorinda CERT does not endorse any company or brand. All companies and brands are representative of what is available and are for reference only.

Unit 1 – Cell phone and email CWS registration –

Unit 1 – Supplies –

Unit 1 – Backpack contents –

Unit 1 – Securing items in your home with example brands:
Museum Wax – Quakehold!
Picture Hanger – OOK KidSafe Professional Tremor Hanger
Picture Hanger – Quakehold! 4338 the A-Maze-ing Picture Hook
Straps for furniture, bookcases, etc. – Quakehold! 4164 Furniture Strap Kit

Unit 2 – Before you dig, call 811 or go to This is a free service. Call 2-14 days before and they will come out to check for any underground utilities. This includes installing sprinklers, fences, planting trees, etc. It is the law and the homeowner is responsible.

Unit 2 – Refilling Fire Extinguishers. A refillable fire extinguisher (one with a metal head, not plastic) can be taken to an extinguisher service company. It is recommended that extinguishers be visually inspected monthly and serviced annually. The hydrostatic service life of a fire extinguisher cylinder is 10 years. A few companies in our area are:
CR Fireline, 108 Center Ave., Pacheco, 925-685-9008
B & C Fire Extinguisher Sales, 380 Fleming Ln., Antioch, 925-757-3042
Arrow Fire Protection, 3330 Seldon Ct., Fremont, 510-791-1113
Golden Gate Fire Equipment, 728-38th St., Richmond, 510-234-7980

Unit 2 – Proper Disposal of a Fire Extinguisher. If you have a fire extinguisher that has been used or has expired, you can dispose of the extinguisher by dropping it off at the Contra Costa County Hazardous Waste Center in Martinez. Fire Districts do not refill or dispose of used fire extinguishers.

Unit 2 – Detectors:
Smoke – many brands available, both battery and hard-wired
Heat Rate of Rise – detect only models are wired into an alarm system –
Edwards Signaling CR135-2 or Potter RHA (adjustable)
Heat Rate of Rise – alarm model sounds alarm – BRK HD6135FB –
must be wired in with 120 volts
Carbon Monoxide – mount near bedrooms. Different brands have different
recommended mounting positions. Read the instructions!

Unit 2 – Gas shutoffs (2015 prices):
Excess Flow at appliance – Dormont XL30C-313MV6KIT-48B $113 – user installed
Excess Flow at meter – TracPipe FGP-LFD-125 $81 – plumber installed
Seismic Valve at meter – Firefighter Gas Safety AGV-75 3/4″ Horizontal Valve
$99 -plumber installed

Unit 4 – Supplies are available from Lamorinda CERT Foundation

Unit 9 – Suggested radios. Note that these are repeater capable GMRS radios so you can talk through our 3 Lamorinda repeaters. Motorola currently makes 3 models and Olympia makes 1 model that are Repeater Capable. They are:

Motorola MS 350R. Waterproof, Floats, Yellow
Motorola MR 355R. USB Charging Port, Lamorinda CERT default radio
Camo or Orange (interchangeable faceplate) 
Motorola MS 355R Waterproof, Floats, Camo version of MS350R
Olympia R500 Waterproof

Some HAM radios can be programmed to the GMRS frequencies, including the
repeater pairs. 

All GMRS radios require an FCC license to operate legally. There is no test.
A family license costs $70 for 5 years as of July 6, 2016.

In 2010, the FCC proposed to remove the individual licensing requirement
for GMRS and instead license GMRS “by rule” (meaning that an individual
license would not be required to operate a GMRS radio).
This proposal is still pending.

Unit 10 – The Evacsak comes in several models. They are available from the manufacturer at