CERT Presentation Files

These links are to the most current PowerPoint slides in use by the Lamorinda CERT in Contra Costa County, California.

The content is a compilation of information from many sources and is the decision of a group of instructors. Any comments are welcome and encouraged. Please send comments to webmaster@lamorindacert.org and include the Released date as shown on the first slide of each set and the Visual number shown on the slide. For instance: 28 May 2009 Visual 2.31

Videos are embedded into the presentations so that they start automatically when you move to the appropriate slide.

UnitRelease DatePowerPointPDF
Unit 0 – Intro09/04/19
Unit 1 – Preparedness09/04/19
Unit 2 – Fire Part I09/04/19
Unit 2a – Fire Part II09/04/19
Unit 3 – Medical Part 109/04/19
Unit 4 – Medical Part 209/04/19
Unit 4A – Medical Bandaging09/04/19
Unit 5 – LSAR09/04/19
Unit 5a – Cribbing09/04/19
Unit 6 – CERT Organization09/04/19
Unit 7 – Psychology09/04/19
Unit 8 – Terrorism09/04/19
Unit 9 – Communications09/04/19
Unit 9 – Comms Baofeng UV-82HP09/04/19
Unit 10 – Pets09/04/19