Call-out Policy

This is the approved Lamorinda CERT call-out policy for disaster or emergency activation to assist one or more of the Lamorinda Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) or the Moraga-Orinda Fire District. Call-outs will normally be made via the CERT Incident Management Team (IMT), but may be made directly from one of the Lamorinda agencies. This procedure is not intended for meetings, drills or training:

  • In the event of a large-scale emergency event (e.g. an earthquake with a magnitude 6.0 or greater) CERT graduates are encouraged to work as private citizens in their immediate neighborhoods. CERTs should always attempt to coordinate their operations with their neighborhood block captains.
  • During a large-scale emergency, Lamorinda CERT member’s primary focus should be to work first in their neighborhood. CERTs should wait to be contacted by their local EOC, the Moraga-Orinda Fire District or the CERT Incident Management Team. Under no circumstances should CERTs initiate contact with any of the EOCs, their local Police Department or the Fire District to request an assignment.
  • Lamorinda CERT members are not authorized to “self-deploy” to any incident on behalf of a local agency. CERTs are not Registered Disaster Service Workers until and unless sworn in for the duration of an incident by an official from Moraga, Orinda, Lafayette, Contra Costa County or the State of California.
  • The City/Town EOCs, Fire District and the CERT Incident Management Team may use the phone, text messages, HAM or FRS radio, Nixle, runners, or other means to contact CERTs. Any communication will include:
    • The resource requested including the number of CERTs, tools and equipment required, position(s) to be filled, and/or nature of the job to be performed.
    • The expected duration of the assignment.
    • The reporting location, reporting time, and the name of the person to whom they will report.
    • Any order and request numbers for documentation purposes.
    • The name and position of the official who has approved the request for CERT assistance.
  • During a major event/incident, CERTs who have a repeater capable GMRS radio may provide information to the local EOCs by using the following channels:
    • Orinda = 21R sub 4
    • Moraga = 20R sub 4
    • Lafayette = 22R sub 4
  • During a major event/incident, CERTs who have a HAM radio license may monitor their local simplex channels for information and instructions. CERT HAM operators may be used by the Net Control at the local EOCs to relay messages to and from individual CERTs.
    • Orinda Simplex= 147.540
    • Moraga Simplex= 147.585
    • Lafayette Simplex= 146.565
    • Canyon Simplex= 146.460

Effective August 30, 2016