Monthly Meetings

Lamorinda CERT holds Monthly Meetings on the 2nd Monday of each month. These meetings start promptly at 7 p.m. and run until about 9:30 p.m. Currently they are held by Zoom and there is a limit of 100 attendees.  Each year we review the Perishable Skills that are needed in times of emergency but are easily forgotten.

Meetings will be a different topic each month and will have guest speakers and hands-on exercises most times.

Sign up for the meetings by sending an email to the registrar with your name and phone number.

Future Meeting Topics (subject to change):

December 2020: Happy Holidays, no December meeting!
January 11, 2021: Still in planning!
February 8, 2021: Still in planning!
March 8, 2021: Still in planning!
April 12, 2021: Still in planning!
May 10, 2021: Still in planning!
June 14, 2021: Flag Day – Still in planning!
July 12, 2021: Still in planning!
August 9, 2021: Still in planning!
September 13, 2021: Still in planning!
October 11, 2021: Indigenous Peoples Day (Columbus Day) – Still in planning!
November 8, 2021: Still in planning!

Past Monthly Meetings

Month Topic Presenter Media
January 2013 Medical Treatment, Head-To-Toe-Assessment CoCo Medical Reserve Corps
February 2013 Organizing Your Neighborhood and Hands-Only CPR Beccie Kunzman – MRC
March 2013 Spontaneous Incident Command Chief E. Christensen, Lafayette PD
April 2013 Communications With & Without Radios Panel – Fred Lothrop Moderator
May 2013 Light Search and Rescue Wesley Ayres
June 2013 Fire Hazards – Making Our Homes Safe Chief R. Bradley, MOFD
July 2013 Basic Water Safety and Rescue Techniques D. McCormick, Aquatic Manager, EBRPD
August 2013 Triage For All Ages, START & JumpSTART Duncan Seibert
September 2013 Patient Transport & Packaging – Use of Backboards and C-Collars Duncan Seibert
October 2013 Building Searches and Safety Division Chief D. Lee, MOFD
November 2013 Home Fire Safety Fire Marshal K. Leonard, MOFD
December 2013 Dealing With Children in Disasters – low quality video – 1.5 hours Panel – L. Berkes, PhD. Moderator
January 2014 Gas and Electric Safety – low quality video – 102 minutes Les Putnam and Jim Breuner, PG&E
February 2014 Disaster Damage Assessment Duncan Seibert
March 2014 Rescue Ropes, Anchors and Knots Bill Lew and Duncan Seibert

April 2014 Disaster Food and Water Bruce Macler and CERT Instructors
May 2014 CWS and Nixle Vince Martinez and Robert Priebe
June & July 2014 Red Cross Shelter Briana Taylor
August 2014 Personal and Neighborhood Caches Gordon Nathan
September 2014 Triage for All Ages Duncan Seibert
October 2014 Head to Toe Assessment Duncan Seibert
November 2014 Evacuation and Reporting to the EOC Dennis Rein and Keith Riley

January 2015 Hazardous Materials:
First Responder Awareness
Maria Duazo
February 2015 Understanding Fire, EMS and Police Dispatch and Staffing Margee Freudenthal and Mark Nagel
March 2015 Cal-ESAR Search & Rescue Wes Riggins
April 2015 Autism: First Responders Dealing with People with Special Abilities
Video courtesy of Walnut Creek CERT
Danielle Bell
May 2015 Volunteer Intake Center Briana Taylor and Duncan Seibert
June 2015 Earthquakes: Loma Prieta, Napa and the East Bay faults Dr. David Schwartz
July 2015 Fire Program and Firesphere FM Kathy Leonard and Scott Farley
August 2015 Volunteer Reception Center Duncan Seibert
September 2015 Triffic Control Sgt. Brian South, Moraga Police Department
October 2015 Disaster Food and Water Bruce Macler and CERT Instructors
November 2015 Perishable Skill Refresher Series – Medical
Triage, Head-to-Toe Assessment
Duncan Seibert, Beccie Kunzman and Patti Young
January 2016 What’s in Your Go-Bags Wes Ayers
February 2016 Disaster Damage Assessment Wes Ayers, Wes Riggins, Duncan Seibert
March 2016 Pet Preparedness Duncan Seibert
April 2016 Fire presentation Kathy Leonard, Fire Marshal MOFD
May 2016 Heat Emergencies Duncan Seibert
June 2016 Patient Packaging and Transport Lisa Vajgrt-Smith
July 2016 Asthma and Anaphylaxis in Children Mary Frazier
August 2016 Issues in Local Policing Chief Eric Christensen, Lafayette Police Dept.
September 2016 Perishable Skill Refresher Series – Communications Eric Dausman, Fred Lothrop
October 2016 Fighting Wildfires – from Two Perspectives Gordon Nathan: Logistics
Dennis Rein: Incident Management Team
November 2016 Perishable Skill Refresher Series – Medical
January 2017 Emerging Technologies in Disasters Rick Palmer
February 2017 Rescue Ropes, Anchors and Knots Duncan Seibert
March 2017 Perishable Skill Refresher Series – Fire Safety Update Dennis Rein
April 2017 Evacuation plans for Lamorinda and CERT’s role Dennis Rein & Duncan Seibert
May 2017 Organizing Your Neighborhood – tools and tips Patti Young & Beccie Kunzman
June 2017 Deployment – what to expect Jim Breuner, Lisa Vajgrt-Smith, Briana Taylor
July 2017 Perishable Skill Refresher Series – Damage Assessment & Unaccompanied Minor Policy Duncan Seibert
August 2017 Disaster Food and Water Bruce Macler & Julie Luckenbach
September 2017 Start and JumpStart Triage Duncan Seibert
October 2017 Moulage Catrina Christian & Julie Luckenbach
November 2017 Coping in Today’s World: Children in Disasters Briana Taylor
January 2018 Re-unification of school children and re-population following a large-scale evacuation Chief Eric Christensen
February 2018 Search and Rescue Experiences Dr. Ben Ho, BC Robert Lipp, Wes Riggins
March 2018 Stop the Bleed

1st presentation – Lisa Vaigrt-Smith, RN, BSN, MPH, CHP,  CoCoCo MRC

2nd presentation – Evan Edminster, BSN, RN, Kaiser Vacaville

April 2018 Fire Safety, North Bay Fires recap and Situational Awareness – being ready for Evacuation Fire Marshal Kathy Leonard and Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Dennis Rein
May 2018 Meet Your Police Chiefs Chief Ben Alldritt, Lafayette; Chief Jon King, Moraga; Chief Mark Nagel, Orinda
June 2018 Water Safety EBRPD Lifeguard
July 2018 Triage – Review Lamorinda CERT Instructors
August 2018 Large Animal Rescue Jim Breuner, Elaine Baker
September 2018 Bring Your Stuff Workshop Lamorinda CERT Instructors
October 2018 2018 Great ShakeOut Communications Dennis Rein, Eric & Cathy Dausman
November 2018 Drones and Emerging Technologies in Disasters Rick Palmer
January 2019 Search & Rescue Exercise Wes Riggins
February 2019 Wildfire Evacuation Chief Dave Winnacker, MOFD
March 2019 Neighborhood Preparedness & Organization Diana Wilde
April 2019 Meet the Chiefs Chiefs: Dave Winnacker, MOFD; Ben Alldritt, LPD; Mark Nagle, OPD; Jon King, MPD
May 2019 Stop the Bleed
June 2019 Reunification of Children Michelle Heckle, CHEM
July 2019 Disaster Food and Water Bruce Macler & Julie Luckenbach
August 2019 Perishable Skill Refresher Series – Fire Safety and SAR CERT Instructor Panel
September 2019 Traffic & Crowd Control Chief Ben Alldritt, LPD
October 2019 Radio Communications – getting ready for Light Up the San Francisco Bay areawide CERT radio exercise CERT & LARIG
November 2019 Cancelled
January 2020 Perishable Skill Refresher Series – Triage for All Ages Duncan Seibert
May 2020 Points of Distribution Duncan Seibert
June 2020 Wildfire Preparedness –  Use Password: 3K=I7&7c
Fuel Mitigation information:
Chief Dave Winnacker, MOFD
August 2020 Recognizing / Responding to Autism: A Guide for First Responders Danielle Bell
September 2020 Lamorinda Village Andy Amstutz
October 2020 Fire Prevention, Fuels Management and Firewise Communities Chiefs and Fire Marshal panel
November 2020 Red Cross Diana Graham