COVID-19 Resources

The State of California released the following information to CERT teams on March 25, 2020.

The Governor has asked for everyone to stay at home if they can.  Please make sure to practice social distancing if you are in public.

COVID-19 Resources

Below is a list of COVID-19 Resources.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the National Lead Agency for COVID-19.  Visit their COVID-19 site for up-to-date information and guidance, including information for community organizations and community gatherings:  Follow CDC’s Twitter and Facebook for additional information:

California Department of Public Health

California Department of Public Health, CDPH, is the lead state agency for COVID-19.  Visit their website for additional COVID-19 information:

California COVID-19 Website

The State of California has established a website for COVID-19.  Visit for additional information regarding the COVID-19 situation in California.

California Volunteers COVID-19 Website

California Volunteers has established a website for volunteers to help their communities during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Visit  for information about volunteer opportuntites.

Additional websites with useful information

The following includes a list of websites with useful information on COVID-19

 The following includes guidance specific to gatherings

The Centers for Disease Control, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and California Department of Public Health have released a handful of relevant and informative resources below:

General Guidance for Volunteers

Many CERT members are eager to volunteer during this time of crisis.  Whether it is for their CERT program or other organization, it is important that CERT members and other volunteers adhere to the following general guidance for volunteering:

  • DO NOT attempt to volunteer for any activity if in the last 14 days you have:
    • Traveled to any foreign country or to cities with large numbers of COVID-19 infected individuals
    • Been on a cruise or been in an airport
    • Been around anyone who has COVID-19
    • Been to an event where more than 250 people were in attendance
  • DO NOT show up to volunteer for any activity without confirming that there is a need for the activity, that it will be conducted, and that volunteer support is needed and expected.
  • DO register with state and/or local volunteer databases to enter your capabilities and availability or find volunteer opportunities that may be available in your area.
  • BEFORE arriving for a volunteer shift, call ahead to the service agency and ask if any additional safety precautions should be taken before, during and after the shift.
  • ALLOW extra time for additional screening from volunteer organizations or agencies to make sure you are cleared to volunteer for the task.
  • EXPECT that shifts or opportunities may be cancelled; especially volunteer opportunities working with the vulnerable populations. Please be gracious and understanding.
  • DO practice universal infection control precautions.  Clean and wash your hands before, during, and after volunteering.
  • DO clean any used spaces thoroughly before and after, including table-top surfaces and door knobs/handles.
  • DO use proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) if needed for the task.
  • DO maintain 6-10 foot separation from others while conducting the task.
  • ASK about any risk that may be associated with the task and DO NOT take part if you are uncomfortable with the level of risk.