WHAT:  Lamorinda Community GMRS Emergency Communications Radio Net
WHEN:  Wednesday, May 4, 2022 7:00 pm
WHERE:  Anywhere in Lamorinda

On May 4th at 7pm, Lamorinda CERT, in conjunction with the Lafayette Area Radio Interest Group (LARIG) and MOFD, will conduct a radio net practice exercise.  All Lamorinda GMRS radio users are asked to tune in at 7pm to their local GMRS repeater (see below for channels) and check in on a net when asked to do so by net control.  During the net, net control will provide participants some information.   GMRS radio users will be asked to give first name, location (street/cross street), city/town and wildfire evacuation zone.


  • Plan what you will say – “This is ____name__________ at ______street________ and ______street________ in ______city_________”
  • Net Control will ask for check ins with first names in alphabetical order starting with A-E, then F-L, then M-S, then T-Z
  • Listen for traffic before pushing the PTT button
  • Take a breath before speaking
  • Speak clearly and slowly so that the scribe can capture your information
  • Release the PTT button to listen for acknowledgement from the Net Control operator

GMRS Radio Channels

  • Moraga GMRS Repeater – LARIG Channel 121 – GMRS Channel 20R – CTCSS 77.0 Hz
  • Orinda GMRS Repeater – LARIG Channel 122 – GMRS Channel 21R – CTCSS 77.0 Hz
  • Lafayette GMRS Repeater – LARIG Channel 123 – GMRS Channel 22R – CTCSS 77.0 Hz